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ACL Livin'


At this stage in the game, "festival fashion" may as well be an oxymoron. What was once carefree and effortless is now manufactured, mass-market, and somewhat cheesy. Plastic flower crown anyone? The trick is to wear what you want to wear. Take influences from previous years of fashion but make each outfit your own!

This past weekend I attended Austin City Limits, a huge three-day music festival. To deal with the non-stop heat and constant walking, any fashionista would cringe at compromising fashion for comfort. The outfit I wore was both comfortable and lightweight, perfect for the Texas heat. An open back, crochet top, and concho belt-like studs on my shorts made the outfit stand out. A larger choker and flash tattoos just added small details that completed the look! Hope all you festival-goers have fun and remember to be safe!

Also, shout out to Brooke, Matt, and my fabulous photographer, and lovely boyfriend, Nathan for the pics!

Top: Nastygal
Shorts: Nastygal
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Quay Australia 

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